February 21, 2017

The Arc-E-Tect's Predictions for 2017 - Heterogeneous and Homogeneous [8/10]

The Arc-E-Tect's Prediction on Heterogeneity and Homogeneity

It's 2017, meaning 2016 is a done deal, and most of my predictions for 2016 I made about a year ago and never got around documenting in any form have proven to be absolutely bogus. Which leads me to come up with my predictions for 2017 and properly document them. So continue your effort reading this post and hopefully you'll enjoy reading them. Unfortunately we'll have to wait for about a year to find out to what extent I got it all right, but for now, ...Heterogeneity
Why Heterogeneity? Because homogeneous environments are a fraud as you can read here.

Heterogeneous in, Homogeneous out

In 2017 we’ll truly face the uprising of new and more technologies, concepts, architectures, models, etc. And in order to be able to manage this we will finally understand that we need to embrace the fact that our environments consist of a multitude of everything. In many smaller organisations that are at the forefront of technology and that are working in agile environment it is a given, but now that large organisations have also set out to adopt the ‘Spotify’ concept and thus teams have a huge amount of autonomy, polyglot is key.

Of course the irrational drive to create a homogeneous environment in every aspect was completely unsustainable, but 2017 will mark the turning point for this endeavour. ‘The best tool for the job’ instead of the ‘hammer for everything’ approach has turned out to be the best approach to solving problems throughout history and across industries and finally IT is picking this trend up as well.
An important aspect here is the fact that centralised IT is no longer a viable option for those organisations that need an agile business. A stronger and clearer view on what within an organisation’s IT is actual commodity and what isn’t will be supporting this. Yes, standardising on an Office suite and a particular version of Microsoft Office at that, makes sense. But even when it comes to IT very close to the user, say their devices, requires us to embrace the concept of polyglot.
With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) finally becoming the norm, it is even from the user perspective no longer a matter of standardisation. IOS, Android, Windows 10 and other platforms are replacing the Windows desktop. This is possible with the Cloud becoming the platform of choice and SaaS offerings becoming pervasive. Business differentiators, the IT products that sets organisations apart, are no longer tied to specific infrastructures, technologies and architectures. Instead, they’re now treated as business differentiators, needed to create the value for the business. Sometimes because the business needs to be the first with the product, sometimes it needs to be the best among the competition. Whatever is needed, no homogeneous environment will be able to provide either in a sustainable manner.

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