March 1, 2017

The Arc-E-Tect's Predictions for 2017 - Agile and WaterfalI [10/10]

The Arc-E-Tect's Prediction on Agile and Waterfall

It's 2017, meaning 2016 is a done deal, and most of my predictions for 2016 I made about a year ago and never got around documenting in any form have proven to be absolutely bogus. Which leads me to come up with my predictions for 2017 and properly document them. So continue your effort reading this post and hopefully you'll enjoy reading them. Unfortunately we'll have to wait for about a year to find out to what extent I got it all right, but for now, ...Agile.

Why Agile? Because in 2017 we finally realise, well that big upfront design and waiting for everything to be done before release is really a dumb idea that no one with a shard of a mind can think to make sense. And all the big fat waterfall projects that were worked upon are done about now.

Agile in, Waterfall uhm... also in

Well, agile is finally in and is going to replace waterfall projects in those organisations where there is an active movement towards agile. Which nowadays are the majority of enterprises. These organisations are heavily invested in dropping the traditional practices and adopting new, more business value oriented practices. It has taken a while because these organisations also had large waterfall projects that, practically, had already progressed towards a situation where migrating towards agile was just not viable. Now that these legacy projects are close to be completely done, we see agile picking up massive speed.
But then there are still quite a few organisations that are vested into waterfall. This could be because of practical reasons, for legislative reasons that still require big releases. Or because these organisations have only learned how to talk the talk, but never went as far as to learn how to walk the walk. And this is unfortunate but still reality of the day.
In 2017 we will still see massive projects with Prince2 cycles, large upfront designs and maybe execution in sprints, but nothing like doing releases as soon as something is releasable.

So in 2017, agile will be truly in, across the board. But having said that, waterfall will still be in as well.

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